Your Holiday Gîte – Some Practical Information

Are there standard letting periods or arrival times?
The Gîte-Apartments are available for booking throughout the year. Bookings are taken for a week or multiples of a week. Some offers may include options to book for for a weekend or shorter stay. Your apartment will be available at 4pm on the day of arrival and should be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. The weekly changeover day is Saturday.
What happens if we are delayed and will be arriving after 5pm?
Please contact the Concierge if you expect to arrive after 5pm. (See the Contacts section for contact details). You may not be met in person but the Concierge will make arrangements for you to gain access.
Do I need to bring bed linen etc.?
All beds have a duvet and bed linen is provided. However please note that you need to take your own towels, soaps, and shampoos. If necessary you can purchase a towel when you arrive. The Concierge keeps a stock of towels which are available at sensible (cost) prices.
What about electricity usage and costs?
All cottages are metered. An allowance of 10 euros per day for electricity is included in the price. The Concierge will check your meter on arrival and when you leave and let you know if an additional payment is due. All calculations are based on the actual charges per unit from the electricity company. If you mainly use the wood burning stoves for heating this will minimize the likelihood of an additional bill. You can check your usage at any time.
Is the tap water drinkable?
Yes. The water quality is strictly controlled and households in the area receive periodic water analysis reports to confirm its quality.
Are the apartments well insulated?
The apartments are double glazed. The external walls are in thickly-constructed stone and have some additional insulation. These walls therefore serve to stabilize the temperature. This means that if you arrive in hot weather the inside will usually be relatively cool. If you arrive for a winter stay you will need to burn logs to warm the building and it will take a day or two to warm up fully.
Is wood fuel for the stoves provided
Yes a initial stock of logs (or wood pellets) is provided and you can buy more if required.
Can I get get Sky channels on the TV
You can get all channels which are free to air. There are over 30 of these including film channels, BBC channels and Sky News. A DVD player is provided – if you want to use this you need to take your own DVDs.
Are Pets allowed?
Regrettably for the moment we are not accepting pets into the apartments.
Smoking / Non Smoking?
The apartments are non-smoking please throughout.
Are there good local medical services?
There is quite a large Pharmacy in Jaulgonne village and well as (when we last checked) two doctors and a dentist. Contact details for the local Jaulgonne medical services will be available in your apartment, together with information on the large hospital in Chateau Thierry in case of emergency (about fifteen minutes away by car).
Can I reach the local towns such as Dormans by bus?
Unfortunately at the moment there is no bus service which goes to the local towns of Chateau Thierry, Dormans or Fère-en-Tardenois. You really need your own transport to get around although local taxis are available. If you are without any transport during your stay you will need to rely on the shops in Jaulgonne, which are fine for most day to day needs, (or book taxis).
Boring but important.
We ask guests to take note of these particular requirements so that the apartment can run smoothly and be ready for the next arrivals.

Regarding cleaning please leave the apartment clean and tidy with all items returned to where you found them. If any item is broken or there are any maintenance issues please mention them at the earliest opportunity to the Concierge. A text message is sufficient.

Regarding the drainage system, as with many French rural properties, the building has its own sceptic tanks and is not connected into a mains sewage system. The tanks will not take anything other than soft toilet paper, human waste and washing/washing up water. They will be blocked by cooking fat, sanitary towels and other unmentionables. These blockages are very expensive to fix and can result in the apartment being put out of use. Please ensure all your guests are aware of and respect these requirements. Thank you.

Gîte-Apartment Location

Vivallee SARL
La Vallée, 4 Chemin du Port
Jaulgonne 02850, FRANCE

Vallee Management Services Ltd. Registered in the UK, Company Number 9951151

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